Monday, November 1, 2010

Paul Walker's Reach Out Worldwide

Just a few short weeks ago, to the shock of many of his fans, Paul Walker joined Twitter (@paulwalker47) and Facebook. Paul Walker fans are much more used to candid appearances in magazines and interviews here and there, but the Fast and Furious star has oftenbeen the celebrity who managed to keep most of his life private. It came as a surprise to see him on Twitter after months, if not years, of speculation as to whether he would ever join a social networking site.

If you are a Vagrant fan (what some of Paul's friends nicknamed him), you may have found yourself searching Twitter hoping the blond haired, blue-eyed heartthrob would show up and share little bits of his life. Most of the time, what you found were a list of fakes. Finally, after a few pictures, he proved it was actually him. Thanks to Tyrese Gibson and Ludacris, who also verified Paul during the filming of Fast and Furious Five, fans began to know it to be true.

Paul Walker's Twitter followers have reached over 23,000 and rising, Facebook followers are over 300,000. We have had the pleasure of on the set photos from Fast Five; downtime, bowling, and meal images; and numerous other tweets that give his fans a glimpse at his life. During this time, we've also recently been aware of the tragic tsunami that hit Indonesia following and earthquake. As many Paul Walker fans are aware, he created a relief organization called "Reach Out Worldwide." ROWW for short, sends teams of medical personnel into disaster areas to aid in the treatment of those injured/affected by tragic incidents such as the Indonesia tsnunami/earthquake. ROWW spent some time this year helping in Haiti and Chile following devastating earthquakes.

Just a short time following the breaking news of the tragic events in Indonesia, Paul posted a tweet notifying everyone that Reach Out would be deploying a relief team to Indonesia within days. Immediately people began spreading the word in hopes to help Paul get donations through to help with costs associated with sending the team, paying for the medical supplies and medications,and more. Twitter became a huge vehicle to bring in much needed donations, the very reason Paul joined the social networking site.

There have been great ideas messaged to Paul about different ways donations could be generated for Reach Out Worldwide. People were coming together to try to help a very worthy cause. Take one look at the photos on, and your heart will be touched by what this organization has set out to accomplish.

My hat goes off to a very special YouTube channel, one who introduced me to another side of Paul I hadn't known. I had been a huge fan, but got to know so much more based on VagrantTV's YouTube page, dedicated to the fans for the sole purpose of sharing the "real side of Paul Walker." VagrantTV stepped up to aid Reach Out Worldwide after hearing of the team that would be headed to Indonesia, by creating apparel on They will be donating all proceeds to ROWW for it's emergency relief efforts. Take a peek at

Updates can also be found on Facebook via Reach Out Worldwide's page, updates about the progress of the team as they are trying to get to Indonesia.

The mission of Reach Out Worldwide is worth mentioning, and worth doing so in a post far longer than Twitter would allow. Reach Out Worldwide goes above and beyond to make a difference in the healing of humanity. Volunteers put their lives on hold to help save lives in areas that are desperate. It touches my heart to know that ROWW is making a BIG difference.

If you would like to donate to help fund the medical relief teams that head into devastated areas, visit and click "donate" at the top of the page. If Paul Walker's 23,000 twitter followers all donated $5, $115,000 would be available to purchase medications and fund missions. To touch the lives of the devastated families, the children left without parents, and a population desperate for healing. To begin to heal emotionally, one must be able to heal physically. Reach Out Worldwide plays an intricate role in that process.

With our own economic issues, I know many of you who desire to, can't donate. If you are praying people, pray. The teams that head out, put themselves in harms way especially when they face aftershocks etc. Pray for the people affected, that their lives would be touched physically and emotionally. Pray for the equipment, the medications, the transportation….that it all function properly and arrive safely. Pray for needed donations. Pray for the people who work behind the scenes.

I would kindly ask that you share this link with others. Not for any reason other than a pure desire to help this organization succeed in it's missions. I believe the greatest call we have is to love one another. Without it, we as humanity, are broken.

For more from Paul Walker visit;

Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Tyrese Gibson ~ More Than An Actor

Well, my dear friend, Tyrese Gibson, it is time for you to be John C. Mayer'd along with your friend Paul Walker. For those of you not familiar with the art of John C. Mayer'ing.....check out Aunt Becky's Page "Mommy Want's Vodka".

Well, if you all are wondering who Tyrese Gibson is, this is a place for you to discover things you never knew about Tyrese Gibson.

My story about Tyrese Gibson starts out very selfishly. As you all know, I have a huge crush on Paul Walker....well, in searching Twitter one day, I discovered Tyrese Gibson was a Twitter Verified Celebrity. I thought, YAY, I can follow Tyrese Gibson, who starred in 2 Fast 2 Furious with the lovely Paul Walker.

After all, Tyrese Gibson is a very fun actor. Tyrese Gibson's role in 2 Fast 2 Furious, was that of Roman Pearce, a bad boy (you are gonna have to watch the movie now) who is recruited by Paul Walker's character to bring down a drug exporter. Tyrese Gibson brings such a great presence to this film. Tyrese Gibson is a hilarious man, and Tyrese Gibson's role as Roman is sure to make you laugh.

I began following Tyrese Gibson on Twitter, and realized, Tyrese Gibson has a lot more to say than the boring celebrity tweets. In fact, if I had to put money on it, I'd say Tyrese Gibson tweets more than anyone else I follow...PERIOD. Yes, friends, Tyrese Gibson is currently filming Transformers 3 and Fast and Furious 5 (again with Paul Walker) and Tyrese Gibson still finds the time to tweet Tyrese Gibson Wisdom via Twitter.

What is Tyrese Gibson Wisdom? Well, Tyrese Gibson Wisdom is advice Tyrese Gibson gives to his followers. Love advice, life advice, career advice, maybe Tyrese Gibson should add "Life Coach" to Tyrese Gibson's resume. Did you know, Tyrese Gibson started out in the music industry before film? Yes, that's right friends, you can purchase Tyrese Gibson's ALBUMS! Guess what? Tyrese Gibson CAN SING! Ladies, Tyrese Gibson is not only a pretty face/body, but Tyrese Gibson brings so much more to the table.

Tyrese Gibson also writes his own comic called "Mayhem" and sells Mayhem costumes as well! Tyrese Gibson has even mentioned on Twitter a time or two that he personally will talk to many of the people who place orders for Mayhem costumes (providing Tyrese Gibson is not away on a film location....or TWO).

My fondness for Tyrese Gibson grows as I read Tyrese Gibson's Wisdom (though I may not ALWAYS agree or relate), and as I watch Tyrese Gibson grow as an actor. I've started making a point to order Tyrese Gibson's movies, and they are very entertaining. Tyrese Gibson is a talented actor! I desire to get into film, myself, and because of Tyrese Gibson, I was connected with his acting coach via Twitter as well. Tyrese Gibson is a very down to earth guy, willing to share Tyrese Gibson with the world. Tyrese Gibson wants people to flourish, Tyrese Gibson wants people to succeed in relationships, so Tyrese Gibson shares of his world and his thoughts and Tyrese Gibson now has over 1,000,000 followers on Twitter as a result.

Want to hear some of Tyrese Gibson's Wisdom? Here's a little bit of some of the things Tyrese Gibson has said recently on Twitter: (you'll have to read these in reverse order, timeline is bottom first)

Tyrese Tyrese Gibson
May God continue to bless you ALL and bring CLARITY into your lives.. So many LOST souls just trying to figure it ALL OUT!! Blessings!!

Tyrese Tyrese Gibson
Ask yourself this question about the one your with now.. Do I LOVE you more than I KNOW YOU.. ???? Yes ponder on it.. !
27 Sep Favorite Retweet Reply

Tyrese Tyrese Gibson
When u don't take a relationship literally ONE DAY AT A TIME. Trying to get to KNOW someone as much as you LOVE someone it can be dangerous
27 Sep

Tyrese Tyrese Gibson
And ladies.. Emotionally CALM YOUR ASSES DOWN... Why are you coming up with plans for 2015 when your JUST in 2010 1 day at a TIME.. PLEASE!
27 Sep

Tyrese Tyrese Gibson
I'm not saying you should ever FORGET what you been through.. But bringing baggage AND animosity from your past into something new is #BAD
Tyrese Tyrese Gibson
None of the anger from your PAST should remotely be DIRECTED at the one your with NOW.. Same to you fellas.. Leave that shit ALONE..
27 Sep Favorite Retweet Reply

Tyrese Tyrese Gibson
Sit on that for a minute.... Has a man ever said to you.. Baby can you chill out ??? Relax.. I"M NOT HIM.....????
27 Sep

Tyrese Tyrese Gibson
When you look your NEW MAN in the face and your mad at him about something.. Make sure it's HIM that ur talking to NOT YOUR EX...
27 Sep

Tyrese Tyrese Gibson
Ladies.. I wanna be CLEAR to you about something.. I know I been at it on this twitter shit all day. But can I say one last thing to you?

Want to see more? Visit Tyrese Gibson's Twitter page and follow him! It's such a blast that we get to have our favorite Celebrities tweeting pics of their adventures. Some of my favorite pics have come from Tyrese Gibson and his Transformers 3 set pics. Lots of photos of the cars, and of other great behind the scenes pics taken by Tyrese Gibson himself.

Here's some of Tyrese Gibson's resume....

To Each His Own (details only on IMDbPro)

Luke Cage (2011) (announced) .... Luke Cage
Transformers 3 (2011) (filming) .... Robert Epps
Fast Five (2011) (filming) .... Roman Pierce
... aka "Fast Five: The IMAX Experience" - USA (IMAX version)

Legion (2010) .... Kyle Williams

Transformers: Revenge of the Fallen (2009) .... USAF Master Sergeant Epps
... aka "Transformers: Revenge of the Fallen (IMAX DMR version)" - Hong Kong (English title) (IMAX version)
... aka "Transformers: Revenge of the Fallen - The IMAX Experience" - USA (IMAX version)
... aka "Transformer: Revenge" - Japan (English title)
Death Race (2008) .... Machine Gun Joe
The Take (2007) .... Adell Baldwin
Transformers (2007) .... USAF Tech Sergeant Epps
... aka "Transformers: The IMAX Experience" - USA (IMAX version)
Waist Deep (2006) .... O2
Annapolis (2006) .... Cole
Four Brothers (2005) .... Angel Mercer
Flight of the Phoenix (2004) .... A.J.
2 Fast 2 Furious (2003) (as Tyrese) .... Roman Pearce
... aka "Wild Speed X2" - Japan (English title)
Baby Boy (2001) .... Joseph Summers
... aka "South Central L.A." - Japan (English title) (video title)
"Moesha" .... Troy (1 episode, 2000)
- The Player (2000) TV episode (as Tyrese) .... Troy
Love Song (2000) (TV) (as Tyrese) .... Mad Rage/Skip

"The Parent 'Hood" .... Coop (1 episode, 1998)
- 'Hood Sweet' Hood: Part 1 (1998) TV episode (as Tyrese) .... Coop
"Martin" .... Dante (1 episode, 1997)
- Goin' for Mine (1997) TV episode .... Dante
"Hangin' with Mr. Cooper" .... Darrell (1 episode, 1996)
- Talent Show (1996)

Dear Tyrese Gibson,
Thank you for entertaining your fans. Thank you for sharing yourself on Twitter, it's so awesome that we get a glimpse into your world. May you continue to find success!!!

Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Paul Walker Is Down To Earth

****UPDATE**** Paul Walker is now on Twitter and Facebook

First of all, I have to say "Happy Birthday" to Paul Walker (Paul W. Walker IV), who celebrated his 37th on the 12th of September.

Paul Walker, you have officially been John C. Mayer'd

Yes, that's right folks, we ARE going to talk about Paul Walker. If that is an issue for you, turn off your computer and walk away. Really, you will want to stick around. If you don't know him, you will love him when you are done reading this. Here's the story behind a post like this, and why in the world Paul Walker's name is mentioned so many times it makes you want to bang you head against the wall.

It began with and her rantings about John C. Mayer and her call out for more pranksters.

So, here we are, playing this little game we call">Paul Walker (if you don't know who in the heck I'm talking about, well keep reading....

Unlike mommywantsvodka, I happen to like my "target" as she would put it, Paul Walker. It all started with The Fast and The Furious, a movie about import street racing. I actually rented it to see Vin Diesel, not realizing that my "type" of guy (Paul Walker) who is blonde hair and blue eyed would show up in the film. Paul Walker broke onto the movie scene with this film ( I say Paul Walker broke onto the movie scene with this role, which is not entirely true, Paul Walker was in The Skulls, Varsity Blues, Pleasantville, and Meet The Deedles...but The Fast And The Furious was the FAME breakout role...FOR ME....). From the time Paul Walker set foot on screen, those blue eyes had me hooked. It wasn't an immediate obsession for Paul Walker, but the more movies Paul Walker made, the more the "crush" was unavoidable. Okay, yes, Paul Walker is my celebrity crush. We all have to have one, right?! I'd bet you money, Paul Walker himself has one. ;)

My husband thinks I am absolutely crazy to have this celebrity crush for Paul Walker , and after purchasing the Men's Health magazine (featuring Paul Walker in March 2010), he opened it to say "well I have to figure out what my competition is." As crazy (let's define crazy: not stalker, weirdo crazy. He's HOT, he is talented, and he is compassionate) about Paul Walker as I am, it's actually deeper than looks, although at first, Paul Walker's hotness is what drew me in. I'm so glad Paul Walker proved to be more than that in the sea of Hollywood's "beautiful people". Guess what?! Paul Walker is actually TALENTED, INTELLIGENT, KIND, COMPASSIONATE, CARING, and as hard of a time some people seem to give Paul Walker about his acting skills, I enjoy Paul Walker's acting.

Paul Walker is a different breed of actor, one who acts because its enjoyable yes, but Paul Walker loves so much more. Here's what I know, aside from the obvious....Paul Walker is nice to look at. Paul Walker has a Daughter named Meadow who is between 12-13. Paul Walker loves being a Dad. Paul Walker has a love for Marine Biology, (one of Paul Walker's heroes growing up was Jacques Cousteau). Paul Walker even studied Marine Biology, and Paul Walker is currently a Deck Hand on the show "Expedition Great White." Fascinating show. Thank you Paul Walker, because you are my celebrity crush, I got a perspective on sharks I never imagined I'd get. Watching Paul Walker and the rest of the crew of The Ocean is heart-pumping education about Great White sharks. If you haven't seen Paul Walker on Expedition Great White, check out your NatGeo channel for more details, or check for archives.

Side note on Paul Walker, if you search Facebook, you would be surprised not only how many fans there are of Paul Walker, but how many people say "What the hell is Paul Walker doing on Expedition Great White," or "Paul Walker, I loved you before, but love you now even more after you wrangle sharks." It is ridiculous how many tweeners are fascinated with Paul Walker. It is actually amusing to see all of the public posts by giddy girls over Paul Walker. I've done searches on other names, but Paul Walker, you have a lot of fans!

Okay, back to more about Paul Walker. He was born September 12, 1973, his Mom is Cheryl Crabtree and I bet you can guess his Dad's name. That would be Paul W. Walker III. Pretty cool looking dude actually, looks like he may be kind of the biker type. I do know there is a military background in Paul Walker's family as well. I believe Dad and Grandfather both served. Paul Walker's Mom Cheryl was an actress. Paul has several siblings, who surprisingly didn't get into the industry as much as Paul Walker.

Paul Walker enjoyes Mixed Martial Arts (Brazilian Jiu Jitsu), and looming on the internet are some videos of him training with some great BJJ instructors. Funny story there, a friend of mine, a MMA school owner in Houston (Chad Robichaux) and pro competitor met Paul Walker at a match somewhere in CA. I'm sure Paul Walker wishes he could be more involved with the BJJ himself, but knows how much he must protect that face we all like to see on the screen!

Paul Walker loves the outdoors and even recently purchased some land in the jungles of Indonesia where Paul Walker had to bulldoze a road to the house (hut?) and Paul Walker has no running water or electricity and dives for lobster and ocotopus. Paul Walker actually grows rice! Maybe we should start calling Paul Walker, MacGuyver. Seriously, Paul Walker is a jack of all trades. Actor, Deck Hand, Adventurer, Organization Owner, Race Car Driver....yes folks, Paul Walker actually can DRIVE the cars. Paul Walker is not just a pretty face that pretends in the movies, but Paul Walker really can drive. Yes people, there is actual footage out there, and if you don't believe me, check this out, YouTube has various videos. What I wouldn't give for Paul Walker to drive me around a track at over 100mph a time or two.

In fact, I think it would be fascinating to trail Paul Walker for a day....a day in the life. Though, it would have to be several days in the life of Paul Walker to cover the variety of things he does with his life. One day with Paul Walker on the set of Fast Five (directed by Justin Lin, filming in various locations...Atlanta at the moment), one day with Paul Walker tagging Great White Sharks on the deck of The OCEAN (the ship featured on National Geographic's Expedition Great White), a day with Paul Walker as he reaches out with his organization Reach Out Worldwide (Paul Walker takes a medical team to disaster areas i.e. Haiti and Chile for relief efforts, medical needs), a day with Paul Walker as he pounds sand and hits the waves (avid surfer) in the world's best waters.....though rumor has it shark hunting has put a bit of a damper on Paul Walker's surfing career.

Okay, so we just covered a few more of Paul Walker passions. Helping others, surfing......Paul Walker is not your average Hollywood star. Paul Walker is who he wants to be. Paul Walker dates who he wants to date, even if Paul Walker's girlfriend is 17 years his Junior. Paul Walker doesn't care of the things of Hollywood, Paul Walker is not into glamour and glitz. Paul Walker loves girls with a great smile and who AREN'T high fashion. Ladies, keep that in mind. Though, Paul Walker has been with his girlfriend Jasmine Pilchard-Gosnell for quite some time, so don't hold out too much hope that you can still snag Paul Walker.

Paul Walker likes his life to be private, and Paul Walker does a great job at keeping it that way. You don't see a lot of media attention or paparazzi freaking out over Paul Walker. Maybe because he's not high drama. Paul Walker is a gentleman. Recently, my Sister-in-Law met Paul Walker IV at a bar in Atlanta and texted me a photo of her and Paul Walker (by the way Paul, how corny is it when someone says my Sister-in-Law loves you.....oh mercy.....I am a huge fan, you are attractive in so many ways, but that made me sound like every other fan). He was nice enough to interrupt watching the UFC fight to take some photos with fans. Paul Walker is notorious for taking time out to do that. Paul Walker even sent a shout out in a video to a fan. Paul Walker is a down to earth guy.

Paul Walker loves life and there are more than enough people who respect Paul Walker to appreciate he and his family and friends in a respectful way. There is a YouTube channel called VagrantTV that does just that. The creator has put together videos of Paul Walker's career, compassion, friendliness, and she's done a great job sharing what kind of a person he really is. For those of you whackos out there, stop pretending to be Paul Walker on Twitter and Facebook. You don't fool Paul Walker's real fans. Be respectful.

Paul Walker, you are a REAL guy. You may be a famous guy, but many of us appreciate your ability to tune out the Hollywood garbage and be YOU. Thanks for sharing your life with us, Paul Walker. Thanks for being fun to watch on screen, fun to watch wrangle sharks, and fun to follow personally. Paul Walker, you can't help that you are adorable, but we are all thankful you are! ;) an actress, I'd love to share the screen with you Paul Walker.

As a side note, are trashy, and though you wish Paul Walker would come knocking on your door, dream on. You are so not his type and the rest of us gag when we think about the fact that you crush on our Paul Walker. So, find a new crush please so I can stop vomiting in my mouth.

I'm sure I bored you with the Paul Walker talk, but here are some links to some great Paul Walker moments. For you fans who appreciate this post, enjoy........and to the world of search engines, I hope I mentioned Paul Walker enough to warrant a successful prank. (Happy Birthday Paul W. Walker IV) (Paul W. Walker IV, Takers Premiere) (Paul W. Walker IV, Reach Out Worldwide Haiti) (Paul W. Walker IV talks Expedition Great White) (Paul W. Walker IV films "Fast Five" the 5th installment of the Fast and Furious Franchise) (Paul W. Walker IV Races) (Paul W. Walker IV loves his fans)

A portion of Paul Walker's Resume courtesy of Imdb:
The Diplomat (details only on IMDbPro)

The Fast and the Furious 5 (2011) (filming) .... Brian O'Conner

Takers (2010) .... John Rahway

Fast & Furious (2009) .... Brian O'Conner
... aka "Fast & Furious 4" - Hong Kong (English title), Singapore (English title)
... aka "Wild Speed Max" - Japan (English title)
The Lazarus Project (2008) .... Ben Garvey
Stories USA (2007) .... Mikey (segment "Life Makes Sense If You're Famous")
The Death and Life of Bobby Z (2007) .... Tim Kearney
... aka "Bobby Z" - USA (DVD title)
... aka "Let's Kill Bobby Z" - Belgium (English title) (DVD title)
Flags of Our Fathers (2006) .... Hank Hansen
Eight Below (2006) .... Jerry Shepard
... aka "8 Below" - USA (promotional title)
Running Scared (2006) .... Joey Gazelle
... aka "Wild Bullet" - Japan (English title)
Into the Blue (2005) .... Jared
Noel (2004) .... Mike Riley
Timeline (2003) .... Chris Johnston
2 Fast 2 Furious (2003) .... Brian O'Conner
... aka "Wild Speed X2" - Japan (English title)
Life Makes Sense If You're Famous (2002) .... Mikey
Joy Ride (2001/I) .... Lewis Thomas
... aka "Road Kill" - Australia, New Zealand (English title), UK
... aka "Never Play with Strangers" - Israel (English title)
... aka "Road Killer" - Japan (English title)
The Fast and the Furious (2001) .... Brian O'Conner
... aka "Fast and Furious" - Israel (English title)
... aka "Wild Speed" - Japan (English title)
The Skulls (2000) .... Caleb Mandrake

Brokedown Palace (1999) (uncredited) .... Jason
She's All That (1999) .... Dean Sampson
Varsity Blues (1999) .... Lance Harbor
Pleasantville (1998) .... Skip Martin
Meet the Deedles (1998) .... Phil Deedle

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