Monday, November 1, 2010

Paul Walker's Reach Out Worldwide

Just a few short weeks ago, to the shock of many of his fans, Paul Walker joined Twitter (@paulwalker47) and Facebook. Paul Walker fans are much more used to candid appearances in magazines and interviews here and there, but the Fast and Furious star has oftenbeen the celebrity who managed to keep most of his life private. It came as a surprise to see him on Twitter after months, if not years, of speculation as to whether he would ever join a social networking site.

If you are a Vagrant fan (what some of Paul's friends nicknamed him), you may have found yourself searching Twitter hoping the blond haired, blue-eyed heartthrob would show up and share little bits of his life. Most of the time, what you found were a list of fakes. Finally, after a few pictures, he proved it was actually him. Thanks to Tyrese Gibson and Ludacris, who also verified Paul during the filming of Fast and Furious Five, fans began to know it to be true.

Paul Walker's Twitter followers have reached over 23,000 and rising, Facebook followers are over 300,000. We have had the pleasure of on the set photos from Fast Five; downtime, bowling, and meal images; and numerous other tweets that give his fans a glimpse at his life. During this time, we've also recently been aware of the tragic tsunami that hit Indonesia following and earthquake. As many Paul Walker fans are aware, he created a relief organization called "Reach Out Worldwide." ROWW for short, sends teams of medical personnel into disaster areas to aid in the treatment of those injured/affected by tragic incidents such as the Indonesia tsnunami/earthquake. ROWW spent some time this year helping in Haiti and Chile following devastating earthquakes.

Just a short time following the breaking news of the tragic events in Indonesia, Paul posted a tweet notifying everyone that Reach Out would be deploying a relief team to Indonesia within days. Immediately people began spreading the word in hopes to help Paul get donations through to help with costs associated with sending the team, paying for the medical supplies and medications,and more. Twitter became a huge vehicle to bring in much needed donations, the very reason Paul joined the social networking site.

There have been great ideas messaged to Paul about different ways donations could be generated for Reach Out Worldwide. People were coming together to try to help a very worthy cause. Take one look at the photos on, and your heart will be touched by what this organization has set out to accomplish.

My hat goes off to a very special YouTube channel, one who introduced me to another side of Paul I hadn't known. I had been a huge fan, but got to know so much more based on VagrantTV's YouTube page, dedicated to the fans for the sole purpose of sharing the "real side of Paul Walker." VagrantTV stepped up to aid Reach Out Worldwide after hearing of the team that would be headed to Indonesia, by creating apparel on They will be donating all proceeds to ROWW for it's emergency relief efforts. Take a peek at

Updates can also be found on Facebook via Reach Out Worldwide's page, updates about the progress of the team as they are trying to get to Indonesia.

The mission of Reach Out Worldwide is worth mentioning, and worth doing so in a post far longer than Twitter would allow. Reach Out Worldwide goes above and beyond to make a difference in the healing of humanity. Volunteers put their lives on hold to help save lives in areas that are desperate. It touches my heart to know that ROWW is making a BIG difference.

If you would like to donate to help fund the medical relief teams that head into devastated areas, visit and click "donate" at the top of the page. If Paul Walker's 23,000 twitter followers all donated $5, $115,000 would be available to purchase medications and fund missions. To touch the lives of the devastated families, the children left without parents, and a population desperate for healing. To begin to heal emotionally, one must be able to heal physically. Reach Out Worldwide plays an intricate role in that process.

With our own economic issues, I know many of you who desire to, can't donate. If you are praying people, pray. The teams that head out, put themselves in harms way especially when they face aftershocks etc. Pray for the people affected, that their lives would be touched physically and emotionally. Pray for the equipment, the medications, the transportation….that it all function properly and arrive safely. Pray for needed donations. Pray for the people who work behind the scenes.

I would kindly ask that you share this link with others. Not for any reason other than a pure desire to help this organization succeed in it's missions. I believe the greatest call we have is to love one another. Without it, we as humanity, are broken.

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  2. beauty is not in the face, it's a light in the heart ~ kahlil gibran. thoughts and prayers are with you, God bless you! way to go, roww. go save the world!

  3. A true hero who used his resources for the good of others....Love is not love til you give it away, as Michael W. Smith sang. Paul is reaping his reward for having used his resources for others. Now I pray for his family that they will know his was a life well that will count in eternity.

  4. Hi Chrisi! My heart aches for your loss. I truly enjoyed reading this passage you wrote several years ago because it gives a glimpse into the way Paul dedicated his life to helping and loving others. What a gift!

    My favorite part of the passage was your request for prayer for those who couldn't donate, but wanted to. There's nothing stronger than the power of prayer. That's where we find peace, strength, and the faith to keep pushing forward because we know these trials and challenges are preparing for us an eternal glory. Constant prayer is exactly what Paul's family and loved ones need right now. I sent you a Facebook message a little bit ago, but I believe it went in the other "other" folder. I was wondering if you could check it sometime today?

  5. R.I.P Paul you are a truly inspiration to be a good human being in this world.
    OA, Tel Aviv, Israel.

  6. I am very big fan of Paul Walker. I am very sad after his untimely Death. But i am waiting for his last Movie Fast & Furious 7, which is coming in March 2015.

  7. Paul Walker was an American Actor. He began his Carrier best Guest - Starring in Several Television Shows such as the Young and the Rastless as well as Touched by an Angel. Paul Walker has given Number of awesome Movies and this will be his Last Movie for his Fans. That's name is Fast & Furious 7, which is coming in March 2015.,1506904.html