Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Paul Walker Is Down To Earth

****UPDATE**** Paul Walker is now on Twitter and Facebook

First of all, I have to say "Happy Birthday" to Paul Walker (Paul W. Walker IV), who celebrated his 37th on the 12th of September.

Paul Walker, you have officially been John C. Mayer'd

Yes, that's right folks, we ARE going to talk about Paul Walker. If that is an issue for you, turn off your computer and walk away. Really, you will want to stick around. If you don't know him, you will love him when you are done reading this. Here's the story behind a post like this, and why in the world Paul Walker's name is mentioned so many times it makes you want to bang you head against the wall.

It began with and her rantings about John C. Mayer and her call out for more pranksters.

So, here we are, playing this little game we call">Paul Walker (if you don't know who in the heck I'm talking about, well keep reading....

Unlike mommywantsvodka, I happen to like my "target" as she would put it, Paul Walker. It all started with The Fast and The Furious, a movie about import street racing. I actually rented it to see Vin Diesel, not realizing that my "type" of guy (Paul Walker) who is blonde hair and blue eyed would show up in the film. Paul Walker broke onto the movie scene with this film ( I say Paul Walker broke onto the movie scene with this role, which is not entirely true, Paul Walker was in The Skulls, Varsity Blues, Pleasantville, and Meet The Deedles...but The Fast And The Furious was the FAME breakout role...FOR ME....). From the time Paul Walker set foot on screen, those blue eyes had me hooked. It wasn't an immediate obsession for Paul Walker, but the more movies Paul Walker made, the more the "crush" was unavoidable. Okay, yes, Paul Walker is my celebrity crush. We all have to have one, right?! I'd bet you money, Paul Walker himself has one. ;)

My husband thinks I am absolutely crazy to have this celebrity crush for Paul Walker , and after purchasing the Men's Health magazine (featuring Paul Walker in March 2010), he opened it to say "well I have to figure out what my competition is." As crazy (let's define crazy: not stalker, weirdo crazy. He's HOT, he is talented, and he is compassionate) about Paul Walker as I am, it's actually deeper than looks, although at first, Paul Walker's hotness is what drew me in. I'm so glad Paul Walker proved to be more than that in the sea of Hollywood's "beautiful people". Guess what?! Paul Walker is actually TALENTED, INTELLIGENT, KIND, COMPASSIONATE, CARING, and as hard of a time some people seem to give Paul Walker about his acting skills, I enjoy Paul Walker's acting.

Paul Walker is a different breed of actor, one who acts because its enjoyable yes, but Paul Walker loves so much more. Here's what I know, aside from the obvious....Paul Walker is nice to look at. Paul Walker has a Daughter named Meadow who is between 12-13. Paul Walker loves being a Dad. Paul Walker has a love for Marine Biology, (one of Paul Walker's heroes growing up was Jacques Cousteau). Paul Walker even studied Marine Biology, and Paul Walker is currently a Deck Hand on the show "Expedition Great White." Fascinating show. Thank you Paul Walker, because you are my celebrity crush, I got a perspective on sharks I never imagined I'd get. Watching Paul Walker and the rest of the crew of The Ocean is heart-pumping education about Great White sharks. If you haven't seen Paul Walker on Expedition Great White, check out your NatGeo channel for more details, or check for archives.

Side note on Paul Walker, if you search Facebook, you would be surprised not only how many fans there are of Paul Walker, but how many people say "What the hell is Paul Walker doing on Expedition Great White," or "Paul Walker, I loved you before, but love you now even more after you wrangle sharks." It is ridiculous how many tweeners are fascinated with Paul Walker. It is actually amusing to see all of the public posts by giddy girls over Paul Walker. I've done searches on other names, but Paul Walker, you have a lot of fans!

Okay, back to more about Paul Walker. He was born September 12, 1973, his Mom is Cheryl Crabtree and I bet you can guess his Dad's name. That would be Paul W. Walker III. Pretty cool looking dude actually, looks like he may be kind of the biker type. I do know there is a military background in Paul Walker's family as well. I believe Dad and Grandfather both served. Paul Walker's Mom Cheryl was an actress. Paul has several siblings, who surprisingly didn't get into the industry as much as Paul Walker.

Paul Walker enjoyes Mixed Martial Arts (Brazilian Jiu Jitsu), and looming on the internet are some videos of him training with some great BJJ instructors. Funny story there, a friend of mine, a MMA school owner in Houston (Chad Robichaux) and pro competitor met Paul Walker at a match somewhere in CA. I'm sure Paul Walker wishes he could be more involved with the BJJ himself, but knows how much he must protect that face we all like to see on the screen!

Paul Walker loves the outdoors and even recently purchased some land in the jungles of Indonesia where Paul Walker had to bulldoze a road to the house (hut?) and Paul Walker has no running water or electricity and dives for lobster and ocotopus. Paul Walker actually grows rice! Maybe we should start calling Paul Walker, MacGuyver. Seriously, Paul Walker is a jack of all trades. Actor, Deck Hand, Adventurer, Organization Owner, Race Car Driver....yes folks, Paul Walker actually can DRIVE the cars. Paul Walker is not just a pretty face that pretends in the movies, but Paul Walker really can drive. Yes people, there is actual footage out there, and if you don't believe me, check this out, YouTube has various videos. What I wouldn't give for Paul Walker to drive me around a track at over 100mph a time or two.

In fact, I think it would be fascinating to trail Paul Walker for a day....a day in the life. Though, it would have to be several days in the life of Paul Walker to cover the variety of things he does with his life. One day with Paul Walker on the set of Fast Five (directed by Justin Lin, filming in various locations...Atlanta at the moment), one day with Paul Walker tagging Great White Sharks on the deck of The OCEAN (the ship featured on National Geographic's Expedition Great White), a day with Paul Walker as he reaches out with his organization Reach Out Worldwide (Paul Walker takes a medical team to disaster areas i.e. Haiti and Chile for relief efforts, medical needs), a day with Paul Walker as he pounds sand and hits the waves (avid surfer) in the world's best waters.....though rumor has it shark hunting has put a bit of a damper on Paul Walker's surfing career.

Okay, so we just covered a few more of Paul Walker passions. Helping others, surfing......Paul Walker is not your average Hollywood star. Paul Walker is who he wants to be. Paul Walker dates who he wants to date, even if Paul Walker's girlfriend is 17 years his Junior. Paul Walker doesn't care of the things of Hollywood, Paul Walker is not into glamour and glitz. Paul Walker loves girls with a great smile and who AREN'T high fashion. Ladies, keep that in mind. Though, Paul Walker has been with his girlfriend Jasmine Pilchard-Gosnell for quite some time, so don't hold out too much hope that you can still snag Paul Walker.

Paul Walker likes his life to be private, and Paul Walker does a great job at keeping it that way. You don't see a lot of media attention or paparazzi freaking out over Paul Walker. Maybe because he's not high drama. Paul Walker is a gentleman. Recently, my Sister-in-Law met Paul Walker IV at a bar in Atlanta and texted me a photo of her and Paul Walker (by the way Paul, how corny is it when someone says my Sister-in-Law loves you.....oh mercy.....I am a huge fan, you are attractive in so many ways, but that made me sound like every other fan). He was nice enough to interrupt watching the UFC fight to take some photos with fans. Paul Walker is notorious for taking time out to do that. Paul Walker even sent a shout out in a video to a fan. Paul Walker is a down to earth guy.

Paul Walker loves life and there are more than enough people who respect Paul Walker to appreciate he and his family and friends in a respectful way. There is a YouTube channel called VagrantTV that does just that. The creator has put together videos of Paul Walker's career, compassion, friendliness, and she's done a great job sharing what kind of a person he really is. For those of you whackos out there, stop pretending to be Paul Walker on Twitter and Facebook. You don't fool Paul Walker's real fans. Be respectful.

Paul Walker, you are a REAL guy. You may be a famous guy, but many of us appreciate your ability to tune out the Hollywood garbage and be YOU. Thanks for sharing your life with us, Paul Walker. Thanks for being fun to watch on screen, fun to watch wrangle sharks, and fun to follow personally. Paul Walker, you can't help that you are adorable, but we are all thankful you are! ;) an actress, I'd love to share the screen with you Paul Walker.

As a side note, are trashy, and though you wish Paul Walker would come knocking on your door, dream on. You are so not his type and the rest of us gag when we think about the fact that you crush on our Paul Walker. So, find a new crush please so I can stop vomiting in my mouth.

I'm sure I bored you with the Paul Walker talk, but here are some links to some great Paul Walker moments. For you fans who appreciate this post, enjoy........and to the world of search engines, I hope I mentioned Paul Walker enough to warrant a successful prank. (Happy Birthday Paul W. Walker IV) (Paul W. Walker IV, Takers Premiere) (Paul W. Walker IV, Reach Out Worldwide Haiti) (Paul W. Walker IV talks Expedition Great White) (Paul W. Walker IV films "Fast Five" the 5th installment of the Fast and Furious Franchise) (Paul W. Walker IV Races) (Paul W. Walker IV loves his fans)

A portion of Paul Walker's Resume courtesy of Imdb:
The Diplomat (details only on IMDbPro)

The Fast and the Furious 5 (2011) (filming) .... Brian O'Conner

Takers (2010) .... John Rahway

Fast & Furious (2009) .... Brian O'Conner
... aka "Fast & Furious 4" - Hong Kong (English title), Singapore (English title)
... aka "Wild Speed Max" - Japan (English title)
The Lazarus Project (2008) .... Ben Garvey
Stories USA (2007) .... Mikey (segment "Life Makes Sense If You're Famous")
The Death and Life of Bobby Z (2007) .... Tim Kearney
... aka "Bobby Z" - USA (DVD title)
... aka "Let's Kill Bobby Z" - Belgium (English title) (DVD title)
Flags of Our Fathers (2006) .... Hank Hansen
Eight Below (2006) .... Jerry Shepard
... aka "8 Below" - USA (promotional title)
Running Scared (2006) .... Joey Gazelle
... aka "Wild Bullet" - Japan (English title)
Into the Blue (2005) .... Jared
Noel (2004) .... Mike Riley
Timeline (2003) .... Chris Johnston
2 Fast 2 Furious (2003) .... Brian O'Conner
... aka "Wild Speed X2" - Japan (English title)
Life Makes Sense If You're Famous (2002) .... Mikey
Joy Ride (2001/I) .... Lewis Thomas
... aka "Road Kill" - Australia, New Zealand (English title), UK
... aka "Never Play with Strangers" - Israel (English title)
... aka "Road Killer" - Japan (English title)
The Fast and the Furious (2001) .... Brian O'Conner
... aka "Fast and Furious" - Israel (English title)
... aka "Wild Speed" - Japan (English title)
The Skulls (2000) .... Caleb Mandrake

Brokedown Palace (1999) (uncredited) .... Jason
She's All That (1999) .... Dean Sampson
Varsity Blues (1999) .... Lance Harbor
Pleasantville (1998) .... Skip Martin
Meet the Deedles (1998) .... Phil Deedle

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  1. i feel like i know paul w. walker iv just a bit more than i did before. thank you for sharing your love of paul w. walker iv. paul w. walker iv is a super cutie and paul w. walker iv seems like a great person. PRANKSTERS FTW!

  2. Paul W. Walker has such gorgeous eyes. I think Paul W. Walker could make me melt with those eyes...but, my heart belongs to John S. Barrowman, my secret love.

  3. Wow. That's a lot of information on Paul W. Walker IV. Paul W. Walker IV is very cute. I love Paul W. Walker IV's eyes. Good luck at getting to the top of Google Paul W. Walker IV searches!

  4. Thank you for sharing your comments!!! Hopefully Paul W. Walker IV shows up on the google searches lol! Hopefully I did it right!

  5. Wow, now Paul W. Walker IV, he sounds like a great guy. I would like to be friends with Paul W. Walker IV and perhaps he would appreciate that we've John C. Mayer-d him. I cannot believe I didn't know about Paul W. Walker IV before!

  6. Aunt Becky, Paul W. Walker IV is smokin. lol......I thought that at first too! Why didn't I hear of this before, I've been missing out on Paul W. Walker IV!!!! John C. Mayer would be jealous!

  7. Wow - I've never heard of Paul W. Walker IV, but he is clearly awesome.

    Now I need to watch the Fast and the Furious, so I can see Paul W. Walker in action.

  8. Paul W. Walker definitely has gorgeous eyes. The kind of eyes that make you just want to sit and stare into them all day. Except that if you get that close to Paul W. Walker you'd have to be a little bit nuts to grab Paul W. Walker instead of just looking at Paul W. Walker.

  9. Wait. Paul W. Walker IV is 37?!?! I am shocked to hear that Paul W. Walker IV is 37. He does not look his age. Well done Paul W. Walker IV.

  10. I never knew about Paul W. Walker IV until right this moment! I am thankful that you John C. Mayer-ed him so that you'd find me and that I could find you. There seem to be a lot of sides to Paul W. Walker IV - and I wish you and Paul W. Walker IV much happiness in your internet future!

  11. Hi author! really feel small with this white-up of yours.. BIG love! as a whole! (I'd luckily hit the link @ twit! :))long ago I'd already hearing bout PW frm my sib how hot he is in FF films (I agree but back then "I don't care>now care too much haha)I'd started to love more of Paul Walker with his 8 below film( love dogs!) and kinda weird of me to automatically search for my interest and believe any actor or sincere one, they chosen to play the character has somethin to do with their personality and YES! PW, what I don't know is he bought the place in INDO ( that's why I can't avoid to notice pips there really Love him)I agree in every details you pen. bout him, this is my 2nd article I read frm you.Hope we can be friend in anyway! :) I love him shirtless but he is a lot bigger than that. Many thanks! Godbless!

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